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“If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

      Long Story Short:

I am a full time actor, model, and general content creator living in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Seoul, South Korea.

 I am interested in things that are so obviously human that we rarely devote much thought to them. I love finding the profound in the regular, the gargantuan in the micro, and the happiest seconds in the saddest hours. The world is interestingly ironic like that. I also proudly carry my beloved double edged sword of being able to understand, portray, and intermix the emotions, languages, and intricacies of two different cultures: American and Korean. 

Through my performances, poetry, plays, illustrations, music, and whatever I will from here on learn to create, I wish to become an artist who will help in the success of others like me. I want to help by becoming a personality who not only adapts and changes with the industry around him, but also changes and redesigns the industry itself through his creations. 


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Alex and Eugene, Robert Moss Theatre

The Imbible, New World Stages

The Commencement of William Tan, Yale School of Drama Cabaret

Ching Chong Chinaman by Lauren Yee, reading at the Yale School of Drama

Hello Again, The Writer, Yale Undergraduate Production

The Wild Party, Sam, Yale Dramat 

Edith can Shoot Things and Hit Them by A. Rey Pamatmat, reading at YSD

Copenhagen, Niels Bohr, Yale Undergraduate Production



In a New York Minute, Legacy Pictures - Dir. Mandy Li

Noli Me Tangere, Dir. Jungyoon Kim

Secret Lives of Asians at Night, Dir. Kevin Wang

Deathbots, Screamkings Productions (P. Alex Pucci)



LG Promotional Spokesperson, Wayne Pacific Models



Terry Knickerbocker Studio - Meisner Intensive

Yale University - B.A. Architecture 2017

British American Drama Academy (BADA) 2016 

LAMDA Film Short Course 2016

Samick Music Academy 2014, 2017

AHLA Certified Bartender 2017