The Crucible


by Arthur Miller

This truly barebone production of the famed play had the actors and audience in an unlit stage in a blackbox. The only lighting was provided by the actors, who each held flashlights to light each other, and the scene at hand. The conjured atmosphere made for an extra eerie display of one of the most terrifying tales of doubt and hatred. I played the role of Marshall George Herrick. This production ran Halloween 2015 at the Yale Off Broadway Theater as an Undergraduate Production.

Jae Shin


by Tom Stoppard

This production of the fantastic, time bending play was put on with full British accents and with extra thought given to the philosophical musings of the characters. Each monologue had it's own specific 'gusto' and I remember the cast finally began to understand the basics of its philosophy only after our seventh run during rehearsal, at which point things began to take off. I played the role of Captain Brice. This production was the run as the Freshman Show courtesy of the Yale Dramatic Association, and ran in Yale's Iseman Theater the spring of 2014. 

Jae Shin


Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome... This classic musical came alive with a very unique setting in this production. It was set within a Nazi Germany concentration camp, where the prisoners were forced to provide shows and entertainment to visiting officers and UN officials as propaganda for the concentration camp system. Brutal and sad, it was a production that left an impact on everyone present. I played the role of Max. This production ran as the senior thesis show for Noam Shapiro in Yale's Whitney Theater the fall of 2015. 

Jae Shin
The Wild Party


by Andrew Lippa

Raw emotion, raw sensation, and raw performance to the extreme, this production of the already raunchy and disastrously sexy musical was a blast to watch and be in. It is the most fun I've ever had on stage, and the choreography, blocking, and scenes were actor impulse driven, with amazing fine tuning by our director and choreographer. I played the character of Sam. This production ran as the Yale Dramatic Association's Fall Mainstage the Fall of 2016 in the Yale University Theatre. 

Jae Shin
The Commencement of William Tan


by Don X. Nguyen

This coming of age, high school story was set in the American midwest, sometime during the 90's. It focuses on the concept of what some Asian Americans might have to go through in order to discuss and experience acceptance, assimilation, and understanding in this country. It was a humorous, meaningful, much needed exploration of a narrative rarely told on stage. I played the role of Vinh, a gang leader opposing the goals of the protagonist. This production ran in the Yale School of Drama Cabaret during the fall of 2015.

Jae Shin
Hello Again


by Michael John LaChiusa

This production of the musical soon to be turned motion picture presented me with one of the most rewarding roles of my so-far career. I played the archetypal character of the writer, having relationships with a beautiful 'young thing' and the actress. I portrayed a character who gained and lost such power in the short duration of two scenes. This production ran as a senior project in Theatre Studies at Yale University's Whitney Theater. 

Jae Shin

DRAKORIAN (An Original Musical)

by Hershel Holiday

A musical based in the fictional kingdom of Drakora, where we find the disturbed and traumatized king Augustus drive his country to the ground due to unrequited love and insecurity. A story full of rage and betrayal - an archetypal teen king gone mad. I played the role of mad King Augustus. A Yale University Undergraduate Production, Fall 2016 at Yale's Off-Broadway Theater. 


Jae Shin